Why Consider This Benefit Protection?

Providing protection for all Federal Employees:

133918913Most federal employees joined the Federal service with anticipation of a productive career that would end at their time of choosing with a good retirement. Unfortunately many employees find themselves in a situation that could result in the loss of their job, reputation and retirement.

CareerGuard® policyholders are protected against the exorbitant costs of defending themselves against proposed discipline, complaints, grievances, investigations, civil litigation and even criminal prosecution. Many federal employees do not realize that DOJ, in its own discretion, can choose whether or not to provide representation. DOJ may determine that because a situation involves more than one employee, it cannot choose which employee to defend or that representing an employee will not promote the best interests of the United States. DOJ’s ultimate responsibility is to protect the United States, not its servants.

For less than the average cost of one hour of an attorney’s fee, any federal employee (working at least 17.5 hours per week) can purchase CareerGuard® Professional Liability Insurance.

Without CareerGuard® Professional Liability Insurance, defense of disciplinary proceedings can result in attorney fees exceeding $50,000.

Congress passed legislation mandating that all agencies reimburse qualified employees one-half of the annual premium (up to $150.00). Check with your payroll office for reimbursement procedures.

In addition to the Administrative Defense coverage that provides legal representation for Disciplinary Proceeding, or a Judicial Sanction, or a Criminal Proceeding against a policyholder, up to $2 million of Civil Claims coverage is provided for federal employees who are sued for any act, error or omission which are committed or arise out the course and scope of employment.

100561352CareerGuard® is the only Professional Liability Insurance that provides up to $200,000 for Criminal Proceedings.

CareerGuard® is also the only Professional Liability Insurance that covers reduction of Security Clearance under Administrative Defense Coverage.

The law firm of Avery, Dooley, & Noone, LLP, led by Mr. Peter Noone, provides the legal services to CareerGuard® policyholders. Established in 1921, Avery, Dooley, & Noone’s attorneys have represented federal employees and federal law enforcement officers from virtually every federal agency.

The administration of CareerGuard® is handled by Mass Benefits Consultants, Inc. Founded in 1971, Mass Benefits has developed insurance programs for several federal employee associations. Mass Benefits has earned a reputation for excellent customer service

  1. Online Enrollment and Renewal payment options available.
  2. Payment Options include Payroll Deduction (Bi-Weekly), or Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual direct pay.
  3. An immediate receipt can be generated by existing customers by logging into our secure server. Or, a receipt can be requested by e-mail, fax, or phone. Most requested receipts are generated within 24-hours of receiving the request.
  4. Pro-Rata refunds for retiring employees or employees who leave Federal service.
  5. Prompt Claim response.

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