Client Testimonials


“I highly recommend them/you as well.  Had I had CareerGuard years ago it would have saved me thousands of dollars.  When I needed an experienced attorney in 2011 I rang the insurance company which then contacted you – in less than 15 minutes I was speaking with you…If I had not had Peter Noone there on the phone I would have been set up for failure by the Marine Corps and most likely lost everything I’ve worked for in my over 15 years of federal service.  Thank you Peter and associates.”


“I have had this insurance since 2010 [it is] very much a peace of mind….. Union dues usually run $260 dollars a year to have a person who has no legal background and a basic high school diploma.”


“Hope you are well!  I tell everyone to have insurance, so I will pass this on!”


“As an employee who has once used your services through this program, I just wanted to take this opportunity to again thank you and your staff for supporting me with my case.  I believe that your office did allow me to avoid a possible career ending situation when I was within a couple years of retirement age… I doubt that [the improper action] would have been removed if your group had not gone well beyond what I ever expected in your effort to protect my rights.  I am convinced there would have been more actions following if you had not represented me and stopped the chain of events that were about to follow.  Happily, I can say that I have now reached the point I can retire, even though I have not done so yet.”


“I could not agree more with your letter and I mention you and your firm early and often when I encounter agents who are uninsured.  You were a life saver and came through for me personally.  For that I am grateful.”


“I am sold!  In fact, I am a long-time client.  I will recommend you.”


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